About Us
Enviromental Policy

Sustainable economic development is important to the future welfare of the Company, as well as that of society in general. To be sustainable, economic development must provide protection of human health and the worlds environmental resource base. It is Willis Systems policy that its operations, products and services accomplish their functions in a manner that provides responsibly for protection of health and environment.

Commitment – We will:

Work to prevent pollution, make more efficient use of natural resources and minimize wastes, focusing on those activities with the most significant impacts.

Access the environmental impacts of our activities and take action to avoid or reduce adverse impacts to a practicable minimum.

Responsibility – We will:

Require our employees and suppliers to act in accordance with our environmental policy. Ensure our employers are informed and aware of their role in delivering our environmental policy and are provided with the resources and training to achieve this.

Partnership – We will:

Establish clear channels of communication with our employees and suppliers to implement and refine our environmental policy.

Identify shared responsibilities, concerns and opportunities so we can develop solutions to the environmental problems we face and realize the environmental benefits.

Promote and share good practice in environmental management.