Pass-thru hatches
Clean room, solid-surface floor and wall-mounted hatches for contaminant-free environments

Willis Systems can supply cleanroom pass-thru hatches, both wall and floor mounted, made to any size in a short two-week lead time.

Made from our solid-surface material, these pass-thru hatches are manufactured with seamless joints - ideal for clean, contaminant-free environments - complete with  stainless steel shelving for added protection from chemical attack.

The twin-rebated doors are mechanically interlocking for a failsafe operation, with concealed stainless steel hinges as standard, and are glazed in acrylic or glass.

Where the units are to be fitted into a pre-cut aperture, we supply matching flange plates for a perfect finish to the surrounding wall.

Our standard sized wall-mounted units come 550mm x 550mm, with floor-mounted at 1500mm high by 550mm wide. Both our standard models are 500mm deep.

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